Neville Dickie with the Conservatory Classic Jazz Band

British Stride Pianist Neville Dickey with the Conservatory Classic Jazz Band, Calvary Lutheran Church 9545 Georgia Avenue, Silver Spring, Maryland

Again, Neville Dickie, the UK's foremost stride and boogie woogie pianist. He has delighted audiences all over the world for the better part of 5 decades. Neville thrilles the PRJC in 2013 and 2014, and will once again travel across the Big Pond and bring his superb talents to us, joined by our own exceptional CCJB, whose members include lead Dave Robinson on cornet/trumpet, Brian Priebe on trombone, Gary Gregg on clarinet/sax, Dan Hall on bass, Jeff Reynolds on guitar/banjo, Anders Eliasson on drums, and the wildly popular Ms. Lena Seikaly on vocals.

Directions:: From the Beltway, exit south on Georgia Ave. The church is on the east side of Georgia, immediately south of the beltway (that would be on your left). Going across Georgia Ave. to enter the church can be difficult so, proceed south on Georgia about one block and turn into the shopping center with the Staples Store on your right. Continue thru the parking lot and turn left onto the exit street, Seminary Place. From there, you will be able to safely and easily get back to Georgia Avenue because there is a traffic light at Seminary Place.

Admission: PRJC members ($20), General admission ($25; $22.50 in advance), Youth & Students with valid student IDs (Free).

PRJC members ($20), General admi